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In Need of Grief Resources?

Check out Amazon for these grief books and journals!

Though Vidua Fidelis features an assortment of Catholic products, you will note that I pay special attention to the Chaplet for the Dead. After the death of my husband, I grew particularly fond of this devotion and have dedicated myself to sharing it as much as I can. I have also created an end-of-life fill-in journal for couples, a fill-in grief journal, and a small picture book for young toddlers and kids who have experienced the loss of a parent. Keep an eye out for future grief resources!

A short rhyming book to help young children understand the loss of a parent. An excellent starting point for discussions, emotion validation, and Catholic teaching. This book does not claim that our loved ones are in Heaven, but rather 'on their way', so that we can open the doors to explaining Purgatory for little ones.

Catholic Toddler Grief Parent Loss Books

Grief is hard and comes with many challenges. Grief can leave you feeling confused, disoriented and overwhelmed.

This simple journal helps you organize weekly tasks, hold space for and track your emotional state, jot down important memories and any struggles that arise from grief, and more!

Because You Left Me Grief Journal Carina Fraser

We do so much in preparation for spending the rest of our lives with the person we love, without acknowledging that we might one day have to live without them. This book is a mini-guide to prepare yourself for the inevitable reality that 'spending the rest of our lives together' is only true for one partner, and that the other will someday have to learn to live a life they never imagined upon saying 'I do'.

Til Death Do Us Part Pre-Bereavement Journal Carina Fraser
"Reunion in Heaven" painting Carina Fraser
Connect Through My Grief Account on Instagram

Recently bereaved, looking for a grief community, or wanting to learn more about grief? Feel free to follow my own grief journey on Instagram, where I document the realities of widowhood and multiple losses.

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